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Further improvements include creating a user-friendly mobile web version, developing apps for mobile devices, and even creating artificial intelligence to help create masterpieces. We are open for cooperation.

Our mission is to help people discover and realize their creative potential through innovative technology.
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Amazing looking tool - It's very easy to write draft lyrics to a ready-made tune. A really professional approach. Looking forward to new features!

Dave - Music produser

I often got stuck in the song idea stage and used many different approaches. But with Poemica, I got rid of this problem and saved a lot of time.

Stephen - Arranger & producer

What I really appreciate about this suite is the fact that it contains seemingly countless ready-made lines. The sad thing is that there is no full-fledged Artificial Intelligence yet. When you do, everything will be just fine!

Juliet - Songwriter

Latest blog posts

We continue to share our insights and hints in creating poems and song lyrics.

When it comes to a great song, all its parts are essential. However, one part that stands out the most to most people is the chorus. It's the emotional climax of the song, the grandest part of the vocals...

Roman Pace Roman Pace

The melody of the song should be natural, flowing like a river. Yes, it can have little whirlpools, rapids, and even waterfalls. But only as inserts...

Roman Pace Roman Pace

Do you have unfinished lyrics? In this post, you'll learn how to bring them to life. Writing song lyrics can be a difficult task for many reasons. Lyrics are often expected to be clever, engaging, and catchy, which can be a high bar.

Roman Pace Roman Pace

Poets and songwriters are always looking for new ideas for their work - different sources of inspiration: new stories, attitudes toward something, feelings experienced to tell about.

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